Photo: Love Strandell

Holocene (2008) for large orchestra, choir and soprano is a meta dystopia, a viewing of  the phenomenon of eschatology with lyrics by the writer Majgull Axelsson.

The premiere was performed by the Swedish Radio Orchestra, Choir and soprano soloist Malena Ernman conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen. It was recorded and broadcasted by Swedish Television, SVT in 2009.

Art-Science project After the end of Time (2012), a project about how the mind experience the neurological electrical impulses that appears in the brain after death. This collaboration with the Swedish Radio science journalist Lena Nordlund involved some of the World’s leading scientists in the field.


After the heart has stopped beating, the activity in the brain increase to something like full alertness for several minutes. Nobel laureate Arvid Carlsson wonder if that time can be experienced as an eternity.