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The music is shaped into a number of movements that can be put together in different ways. Each ensamble that will perform the work is free to make its own set up of these movements and may also deselect or repeat optional movements. Harmony is based on two musical materials. One that moves in a solid key, where melody and rhythm drives the music forward. And one that constantly shifts key. These two materials are well defind and they also go into each other and create new congruent materials. The structure can be resembled as a staircase where the music alternates between moving up, moving down or temporarily stopping on a ledge. A constant harmonic progression coherent by the structure it emanates from.

Aniara sång 13

RilkeEnsemblen Gunnar Eriksson

John Erik Elebys Kammarkör, 

Konsert i Eric Ericsonhallen 22 mars

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RilkeEnsemblen Gunnar Eriksson

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RilkeEnsemblen Gunnar Eriksson

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