Chromatic Congruence


are commissioned by the Weber String Quartet. The premiere will take place at LAT.63 art arena in Sweden 2018.


A project about creating new harmonic structures in the major-minor tonality

Objective of the project:

Creating non-traditional chord progressions in the major-minor tonality and create a new functional harmony.

To develop a technique that allows highly improvisational and at the same time builds on a solid structure that continuously drives harmony.



A chord progression without any final chords creates a progressive harmonic structure that constantly shifts key and yet escapes the stereotype chord progressions that are usually associated with the concept of major-minor tonality. Ground notes are always temporary and elusive. It is the movement between the different keys that are fundamental in the structure. Accordingly it is possible to work with different types of chords depending on the results you want to achieve. Right now, I'm working with a four note chord that moves chromatically by constantly changing the inversion to make a smooth transition into the following key. The idea of looking at the different steps of this sequence as keys instead of chords is that each key also contains all the other notes that belongs to it.


The conclusion of the project:

The various musical materials generated during the work will result in a collection of music pieces under the name Chromatic Congruence Collection. The music that is created consists of a number of movements that can be put together in different ways. Each ensamble that will perform the work is free to make its own set up of these movements and may also deselect or repeat optional movements. The composition is based on two musical materials. One that moves in a solid key, where melody and rhythm drives the music forward. And one that constantly shifts key. These two materials are presented in their original form, but they also go into each other and create new congruent materials. The structure can be resembled as a staircase where the music alternates between moving up, moving down or temporarily stopping on a ledge. A constant harmonic progression coherent by the structure it emanates from.